We're as Tall as Trees

by Speak Friend

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released February 15, 2010

Music by Speak Friend.
Drums and Bass tracked by Ryan Pellete
Mixed and Mastered by Garrett Roads


all rights reserved



Speak Friend Livermore

California Bay Area based indie/garage rock group comprised of friends & lovers.

Most of our music is up here for FREE download for your ears. Its our little way of saying thanks for taking the time to listen.

We hope to see you at a show!
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Track Name: But I'm not complaining
I want to believe that there’s something out there, for just a little this time

I love you so much, but does it make sense to stop and sing it like this? Well hell I guess I am

How peculiar that we’ve paved over everything and built walls to keep each other apart

But I’m not complaining, I don’t trust anyone. I’m gonna lock my doors

Until the coming of Christ, or aliens, whatever happens first we’ll all be right here.
Track Name: Is Any of This Making Sense?
Is any of this making sense to anyone else?

Its so hard to write honest lyrics when you’re thinking of every line

And these poor excuses for poetry are the constant output

Is my brain the only one going haywire with an operating system that’s flawed?

Good God why isn’t anyone honest with this?

There is no need to make up gods and heavens to add relevance or importance to our existence.
Track Name: Plaster & Paint
I might have strong convictions baby, but I’m still rotting from the inside out

We have such glorious pride, we have such wasted nights, spend yelling at the plaster & paint

I’d be one to admit your faults for you, while I’m standing here like a fool

Holy fuck I could’ve sworn it was a sin baby to feel so proud

But don’t shut me down now dear, not when I’ve got so much more to say

I’m so sorry I can’t get it in my head this all we got, this life, this night, this second
Track Name: You Never Really Know
Our self control always falls so low

And from our tops to our toes, you never really know who you can trust

Isolation is a game, and everyone’s winning

From razor blades in our candy to a neighbor’s light left on

I sing songs to convince myself its ok

To never question the fear, that lies within us all

Your eyes stop me in the middle of my play with paranoia

That’s stuck in our heads at the first rise of the curtain

For you I thought I would stop time. I swear for you
Track Name: The Motivation
I’m growing further from this idea I have in my head of what I should be

Time doesn’t seem to heal old scars, it only lets us forget the motivation we once had in our heads

Do you ever get that nagging feeling you’re doing nothing with your life?

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